Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why’s it better to have a Triathlon Coach who coaches you for all three disciplines

I was coaching my Fluid Movements squad at the pool this morning, and an athlete’s question reminded me why it is important to have a tri coach who coaches you for all three disciplines, being swim, bike and run.

The athlete asked can we use fins (speed assisted) for the final set of 4 x 25m f/s sprints?! In response I said no, as I knew what the athletes had done the night before, a strong sustained run on a cross country course, which I coached them for at Fluid Movements squad training 12hours earlier.
If I had of said yes, it’s likely with the extra resistance of the fins under load that some of the athletes would have cramped due to the fatigued state their calves were in from the run.
It’s very important in a balanced triathlon training program to manage the weekly load over all sessions. Your coach in my view should have an awareness of the state of fatigue that you turn up to your session in, and program the session accordingly. Only a tri coach who coaches you for all disciplines would intimately know that.
Sessions across week of a triathlon squad program MUST be complimentary, it’s one sport with 3 disciplines not 3 separate sports remember…
I have held this view and practised this for the last 20years as a coach, it was instilled into me when I was a coached and it still rings true today.
My 2cents…
Coach Foz

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