Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to make your Lactate Threshold training most effective

When you are doing a lactate threshold (La.t) set (85-92%mhr), be it in the water or on the track it’s important to hit and hold your intensity just below La.T for as many reps of the set as possible.  This will ensure the effectiveness of the session

For example – 10 x 400m at La.T on the track with a 200m recovery.
A great way to ensure this happens is to take note of the pace you hold for the 3rd repetition of the set. This pace or interval time is likely to be the most attainable pace you can hold for the final 7reps of the set.

Usually the 1st and to a lesser extent the 2nd rep where you are the freshest isn’t sustainable, but by the 3rd rep you are likely to have hit your hardest sustainable rhythm that you can hold for the rest if giving it your all.   
Challenge yourself by using a pace and striving to hit the mark every time. You will be amazed at how deep you can go into the set whilst still hitting the mark.

Coach Foz
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