Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PUMPED about Kona, and want to be there in 2013?

If nothing changes, everything stays the same.

Coach Foz Hawaii 2011

If you are going to take the same approach as you did last season, you will get the same result. Incremental increases in strength will only get you so far. Try something new and your body will respond.

Want to race a fast Ironman, well you need to train fast
Shorted targeted speed development and endurance sessions mixed in with longer race pace and strength endurance training is the key. Long slow training will just see you being long and slow come race day.

FM athlete Jo Coombe Hawaii 2011

Practise practise practise
Crucial to set you race pacing and nutritional plan early in your prep. A good coach will be all over this. Then practise it religiously on your longer moderate sessions. Got to have a plan automatic come race day

Consistency over time
Find the plan you believe in, start it early and stick with it. Consistency over time will get you there.


FM athlete Kristy Hallett Hawaii 2011

Give me a coach who has tried many different methods before settling on the plan that works for each type of athlete. Ive competed at Hawaii 3times and qualified 4x, completed 19ironman and finished top10 overall 4x. I have failed, and succeeded as an athlete.
You learn as much a coach by your own athletic failures as your successes. This drives change and looking outside the square

Fluid Movements Triathlon starts our specific preparation for Melbourne Ironman at the start of November, which is 20week phase. 
Our 6athletes racing in a couple of days are - Cyrma Hearn, Alex Houghton, Stephen Natoli, Stephen Guy, Darren Phelps and Mark Johnston.
3 of those athletes qualified in their first Ironman and all are doing their first Hawaii Ironman

We can also set you for any Ironman you choose.
We have 6 athletes competing in Kona in a few days, on top of 3athletes in 2011.
If you want to get to Kona or just to get a PR, let me set you on the right path. 

Coach Foz
Train to Race

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