Monday, September 24, 2012

You ARE ready

Less than 3weeks now to the 'Big Dance' at Kona Hawaii.

On Saturday after training, i caught up with our 6 Hawaii Ironman debutants to chat about what makes the race on the Big Island such a special race.
Kristy Hallett who i did Hawaii with last year came along to also add to the conversation over coffee and a muffin in Port Melbourne.

Their commitment since Melbourne Ironman where they all qualified has been awesome. Each athlete has done everything that has been required of them, and with a great attitude.
Channelling that enthusiasm was so easy, half the time I was trying to hold them back even in the dead of Winter!

We have had a couple of hiccups along the way with Stephen Natoli being cleaned up in a bike crash, being knocked out and cut up badly.
Alex Houghton had a couple of days in hospital with a stomach issue, but both are back and firing and ready to go in a few weeks.

The perceived pressure of a big event like Worlds can add to the athletes levels of anxiety as the event comes closer. There is many a story of Kona wind, heat and lava on YouTube or in magazines

We chatted about the added elements that a race in Hawaii brings. Radiant heat off the lava, the logistics of a non wetsuit swim, and the course, but they only have to be aware, but not daunted by the prospect.

Each of them so deserves to be there. They have prepared very well, which brings an inner confidence that can't be diminished.

Come race day, concentrating on the process and the executing each of their own individual plans is whats its about. Its still all about how they pace and eat/drink, but with just a little more sunscreen!
It is just another ironman and this one happens to be in Hawaii. poor buggers ; )

A great piece of advice
Macca in his book talks about using his sunglasses to go into his own little world out there. 
Fellow Hawaii athlete from last year Jo Coombe had a great tip to assist with that. Earplugs. 
It can have the effect of placing you in a protected world, away from the whistling of the wind or the tension of other competitors. No negative distractions

Either way, next week will see Cyrma Hearn (2nd ever ironman), Stephen Natoli, Alex Houghton (2nd ever ironman), Steve Guy, Mark Johnston (2nd ever Ironman) and Darren Phelps flying to Hawaii to begin their tapers.

And all their friends and families, coaches and their mates in our little training squad couldn't be prouder of them. They will do awesome and have a great experience, whatever their results.

Coach Foz


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