Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Hitout Yeppoon 2012

Well the season is coming around quickly, and Yeppoon 70.3 is always the first bigger race to test the legs. its this weekend!

I have seven athletes racing the FNQ race this Sunday.

The course is a flat one. Great Ocean swim in the lovely warm waters of Queensland, and its a refreshing one as you actually get some wave action also, so those with some OW skills can steal a break on the swells coming in.

The second leg is actually the run up the beach. Long beach run, then dunes. The deep sand can be a shock on lactic laden legs as you climb the steep pinch before coming into the resort. I know, i raced it last year!

Into T1, pushed along by Stef Hanson who will be rippin' it up on the mic with enthusiastic fervour and onto the bike.

Tighten everything, the road out of the resort to the main hwy is a shocker, literally! corrugated iron!
Few loops on the bike with scarcely a hill in sight. So get down low and push, a real course for the high power athletes.

The run is great, through the resort, and over the massive pool via a bridge. Little shaded trails and out in the sun to bake too. The run course has a bit of everything.

Best thing about Yeppoon is the pool party after, great way to dip the legs and enjoy a refreshing post race drink.

Good luck to our motley crew up there this Sunday - and they are
Kristy Hallett - First hit out racing pro. We are still in a building phase so this will give a good insight into where we are as the build continues.
Alex Houghton - racing Hawaii Ironman in October. Came 5th overall at Anaconda Noosa last weekend. This will be a good look at what we need to get to Hawaii shape in a couple of months.
Nick Schwal and Robbie Hunt - Both competing at IM Melb next year. First 70.3 event, hope its some fun!
Stephen Natoli - racing Hawaii Ironman in October. Nicknamed Nuggett! and he is as tough as one, hope you have a great time. 
Fiona Collier - seasoned athlete, and using this race to get back the fire for another ironman.
Mal Bish - After so much sprint racing, finally Mal is stepping up for his first 70.3. Hope he finishes with a big smile on his face.

Yeppoon, a great way to escape the Melbourne winter grind for the weekend.

Have fun, and to all my other mates racing too.


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